Concert violinist turned professional photographer in 1999,
Olivier Trillon has called Montrouge, France, home since childhood.

In the 1980s and 2001s, Olivier began his creative career as a custom surfboard artist.
Until the 90's, he became artistic director in some of Paris’ most influential ad advertising,
collaborating with Issey Miyake, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Pucci de Rossi, Andrée Putman,
Philippe Decouflé, Moebius, and Chanel.
On numerous occasions, Olivier received exclusive awards and prizes for his work,
both in Europe and in the United States. Most notably recognize by the prestigious
Type Directors Club of New York & Mobius of Chicago.

The acclaimed artist’s scandalous breakthrough first series, published in "Technikart",
shook up the photographic world with still life images of raw meat combined with fine jewelry.
He collaborates as photographer for magazines including Vogue, Tyler, French, Double, Radikal,
plus many independent magazines such as Pure, Ponytail, Preferences, Commons & Sense,
as well as with United Aliens Artist Foundation for Dazed & Confused and The Face.
For his perfume series, he won the ‘Prix Jasmin’ for three consecutive years,
awarded by the Comité Colbert of the Place Vendôme (an organization of French luxury houses and cultural institutions).
Olivier has been engaged by many luxury brand advertising campaigns such as Cartier, Fred, Hermès, Valentino, Givenchy,
Hugo Boss, Lancôme, Ferragamo, and Yves Saint Laurent.

After 15 years of photographic research, Trillon published his first book, in 2009, "Le sous-sol de Dieu"
(The Basement of God), inspired by Yuko Mishima.
Today, he is currently working on three different books focusing on his favorite themes.
Each one reveals a specific aspect of his research.
The first one , based on the constructive and creative imagination of the writings of Alex-F. Osborne
and David Lynch, "Toxic thoughts and The Oxided Soul".
His second book, also currently in the works, is based on confinement and solitude,
motivated by the writings of Bernard Lamarche-Vadel, "The Poetry of Cahos".
His third book, on surfing, is heavily influenced by the words of Sylvain Cazenave, "Blue Sky".

France: Paris IIIe, XIIe & XIVe, Gentilly, Arles, Dinard & Heritage Day Montrouge), Belgium (Anvers),
South Korea (Seoul, Pohang, Gwangju).

Institutions & Performances & Collections:
Gwangju:  Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Polygon Gallery, Asia Culture Center.